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Small Natural muslin produce bags (2 pack)

Small Natural muslin produce bags (2 pack)

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Small 21 x 26 cm  (Seeds, nuts, loose fruit & vege, rice, flour other bulk bin items)

Our NZ made unbleached muslin produce bags are a super versatile reusable bag. Designed to replace plastic bags in all aspects of grocery shopping. Perfect for both shopping and storage. The fabric allows for good air circulation, ideal for pantry storage. Dampen the fabric to provide a moist blanket in the fridge to keep your greens nice and crisp and avoiding the slimy mess that can occur in plastic bags.

Easy to care for, just wash them in cold water and line dry.  We have pre shrunk the fabric but some slight shrinkage may occur.

Reusable bags provide a great benefit to the environment when you count how many plastic bags are saved from being used.   Perfect for Zero waste homes and for people trying to reduce their plastic footprint.  

Tare weight is printed on the front of the bags so cashier can deduct weight of bag from purchase.

Available in various sizes for small bulk bin purchases right up to loaves of bread and bulk vegetables. 

Lets say NO to plastic in our homes and in turn our environment.