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Reusable wipes pack of 20

Reusable wipes pack of 20

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Reusable wipes - mixed patterns! 

(Various patterns included in the stack, may differ from picture) 

Our reusable wipes are ideal for baby wipes.

A great eco option OR just to save some money!

Keep a spray bottle of water handy to ensure extra cleanliness. 

Made out of recycled flannelette pjs 5.5 x 5.5inch Mixed fabrics. 

Benefits of using reusable wipes

It's cheap.  Single investment

Never run out. Just wash them. 

It's soft. Flannelette is very soft on your skin

It doesn't rip. Family cloth won't rip when wet

It's versatile. Use wet or dry, use on grown-up people too! 

It gets you cleaner, Keep a spray bottle of water handy for extra cleanliness

It's green

No clogging toilets