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How do they work

By infusing 100% cotton with Beeswax, we have created a reusable cover that allows your food to breathe keeping it fresher for longer.s

Using the warmth of your hands you can soften the beeswax allowing it to stick to bowls and plates and even itself.

How long will my Beeswax Food Cover last

With gentle use and washes your Beeswax Food Cover should last around 12 months.  Over time it will soften up and become less tacky but will still be effective.  Please dispose of into your compost.

Can Beeswax Food Covers be posted overseas

These make the perfect gift as they fit nicely into an envelope.  We have had many customers who have taken them back overseas with them.  We can send to Australia for a higher shipping cost.  

We are happy to try other countries but as the regulations are quite vague we are unable to guarantee delivery. Please check with your country's biosecurity department.

Where are Beeswax Food Covers  made?

Beeswax Food Covers are handmade by Fi in Waiuku New Zealand.  

What foods can I cover with my Beeswax food covers

You can use your Beeswax Food cover to replace disposable plastic for everything but raw meat.  They are perfect for cheese, breads, cut vegetables and leftovers.  Your food gets to breathe instead of sweat keeping your food fresh and delicious.

We recommend you avoid raw meat as you can't wash in hot soapy water and pineapple contains an enzyme that will reduce the lifespan of your Beeswax food cover.

Will Beeswax taint my food

The initial smell of your Beeswax Food Cover will not taint your food and will diminish over time as your cover is washed.

Will heat affect my Beeswax Food Cover

Please do not use your Beeswax Food Cover in the microwave, dishwasher or washing machine. You will notice they feel different depending on the temperature. If it is warmer they typically feel softer if colder they may feel harder. Beeswax Food Covers will soften and melt if temperatures get to 60 degrees. Room temperature does not usually reach this but on hot days surfaces in direct sunlight can reach this.

Keeping my Beeswax Food Cover looking good

To keep your Beeswax Food Cover looking its best you will need to keep it away from some foods.  For example cheeses and breads are fine, but some sauces will stain your food cover, although your food cover will still work perfectly fine. They may also fray a little, feel free to snip off the edges.  You can also cut your Beeswax Food Cover to the perfect size if required.  Your Beeswax Food Cover can be refreshed by hanging out in sunlight for short periods.

How do Beeswax Food Covers help the environment?

Beeswax Food Covers are designed to replace single use plastic wrap, saving our landfills, waterways and environment from being further choked by plastic.